Effective Friday July 13, 2018, 8:00am, a partial burn ban will be in effect in the Town of Caledon, until further notice.

This ban applies to all agricultural and open air fires. At this time recreational fires are allowed, with a permit, but must be small and contained in an outdoor fireplace as defined in By-law 2016-092 “Open Air, Recreational and Agricultural”.

The lack of precipitation and extremely dry conditions have combined to the point where firefighting operations on grass, brush, bush and outdoor fires could be extremely dangerous for firefighters and may place properties at a high risk of loss.

The ban is issued according to the Fire Protection and Prevention Act and the Ontario Fire Code (O.reg 213/07). Any violations could result in a minimum fine of $245.00 and a minimum invoice of $639.00 per fire truck per hour for all firefighting costs.

Conditions will be monitored daily - residents are advised to check for updates either online at or by calling the burn status hotline 905.584.2272 x 4343.

burn permit fire hazard rating extreme