It is said, “many hands make light work”

It is also said that “teamwork divides the task, but multiplies the success”.   It’s also said that kids these days don’t know how to work.  Not true.  And I can prove it. 

There’s always work to do at the Farma – no surprise there.  And this year, the weather has delayed a lot of that work.  So July 8 was a work day, the same weekend as the Farma High School Volleyball tourney.  As luck would have it, it was a great day, something that’s been in short supply.  So the committee decided to make the effort while we had the chance.  By 830am it was already hot and the work was already heavy.  By mid-morning It was soon clear:  there was no way we would get all the lifting and carrying and moving of rock and patio stones and timbers all sorted in the one day available to us.  Not a chance – not with the few willing and able-bodied volunteers we had.   So we tapped a natural resource that’s always in plentiful supply on a Farma Sports weekend – the YOUTH.  All it took was a quick request – “can you give us 45 minutes please?  We need six young folk to help…”  and we got 12.  And they each gave an extra five minutes before they had to run off to play their next game.   Make no mistake:  that single contribution by the youth saved the Saturday volunteer team six hours of grueling work on a blistering summer day.  And they stepped up again in the afternoon to help us trench the hill road gutters and spread a few tonnes of crushed stone – another hour, another six strong backs this time, another four hours saved.

These young folk stepped up – they know how to work. 

The task divided does equal the success multiplied.  Plus it makes the work more fun, and safer too.  And we can all get into the pool before it closes. 

Posted by Jonathan Clifford