Earlier this week the Province announced we will be moving into Step 1 tomorrow, Friday June 11th.

What does Step 1 mean to the SSC:

Saturday June 12th 

We will also be undertaking some much needed spring cleaning of the Hall as well as other areas at the SSC.  In addition, we will begin the initial steps of opening the Pool in preparation for inspections by the Region of Peel later this month.  As previously indicated, the pool will be operating under the same COVID-19 protocol as in the summer of 2020. 

Sunday June 20th

We will keep you updated as we progress through the various steps of reopening and update everyone as to any changes that may take effect as we move through the various steps of opening. 

As we move into Step 1, we remind everyone to respect the rules regarding gatherings and group sizes as mandated by the Province.  

So enjoy the summer, wash your hands often, wear your masks, keep your distance and get vaccinated.  

May you and your family continue to stay safe and stay healthy! 

SSC Committee