SSC Pool Update - We are opening on June 26

We are happy to confirm that as of yesterday we have passed the mandatory pool opening inspection performed by Peel Public Health and will be opening the pool for use on June 26th.  As expected a significant part of the pre-opening inspection focused on our Covid-19 protocol as well as the condition of the pool.

The pool protocol for 2021 will be the same as last year:

We ask that all understand that these are the conditions imposed by Peel Public Health and the Province.  I ask that all work with the lifeguards to make this work smoothly.  The Region of Peel does periodic inspections during the summer (at any time and unannounced) and they have the mandate to close down the pool if we are not following the rules. 

I ask that all be patient and I am confident that we will all work together as members of the Farma, like we did last year, to make the most out of what we will be given for the 2021 season.

Happy swimming!

SSC Committee

Pool COVID19 Protocol