Maple syrup season beings near the onset of spring.
When daytime temperatures reach above 0°C and nights remain below 0°C the trees will start to "run" sap. The season ends once nights no longer consistently drop below zero and daytime temperatures consistently because too warm ie. +10°C.
Making Maple Syrup dates back to indigenous roots in Canada. Canada produces the majority of the world's Maple syrup supply but the vast majority emanating from Quebec with minority coming from Ontario and New Brunswick.
It's commonplace for trees to be routinely tapped in a Maple Sugarbush. Holes should be made at least 4 inches away from the previous years' hole, which, over time will naturally cover one and heal. It is considered practice to occasionally give individual trees a "rest" which is something we practice as we rotate of 50 buckets. Maple Syrup activity is a recognized activity of a Managed Forest Program in Ontario.
It typically takes 40-60L of sap, many hours of boiling  followed by filtering to produce 1L of finished Maple Syrup. 
Members are welcome to drop by and check out the process   I would encourage anyone interested to view the website in to see when there is boiling.  This is based on sap availability as we need to collect enough to start a "boil" and also personal schedules.

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